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My Latest Workshop in Mixed Media

Anyone or Art Group interested in booking me


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Scottish Sculpture Workshop Residency 2015

Art Residency with Moray Art Club 2015.

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Memories of Japan

Mixed media artwork on Paper

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Happy , 2016New Year

This watercolour painting is one of the first images I put on this site, painted in 2008. Now I tend to work in a variety of materials in a much larger format, it is however interesting looking back on previous work!

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13. Mountain with Square Wall


New Mixed Media September

New work May 2014

Out Sketching with fellow artist Jessie White.
The Falcon ship in Buckie Harbour:
Buckie Harbour:

Elgin Museum Exhibition 28th June to 1st August 2014

This is new and past artwork which I have selected for my next exhibition at Elgin Museum 28th June until 1st August 2014


New Artwork for Buckie Library Exhibition 2014

Drawing & Sketches by Sue Sabrovalaki

I have spent some time up-loading my sketches to different sites. Often the preparation work of artists are forgotten or over looked… I love the time I spend drawing. I love the stop/ start process of drawing. Drawing underpins most of my work. I react to what I see and feel; working instinctively…. I do not think about outcome or what I will do with the sketch I just enjoy the moment…. so if you want to see more prep work see 

New Link

This work here is an example of my drawings & sketches, to see more of my preparation work go to……